For Groups


Duration of the guided tour is about 45 minutes and the content is shaped according to the wishes of the group. The group can tour the entire museum or focus on either a permanent or temporary exhibition, with time split between exhibitions. Please book the tour in advance.

Within Museum Opening Hours 30€ + entrance fees

Outside the Museum Opening Hours 70€ + entrance fees


Spend a nice day with the work team at the Nelimarkka Museum! The team day is planned according to the wishes of the group. The three-hour ensemble includes a tour of the museum and exhibitions, coffee and cupcakes, and a workshop section where the group gets to do their own artwork.

The group can also add another program to the day, which the group pays for separately. For example, a breakfast or lunch at the Nelimarkka Museum or Villa Nelimarkka can be arranged.

Team workshop 25€/person, includes entrance, exhibition guidance and coffee, workshop guidance and materials.