Iida Valkonen – Taivaankansi (Sky Dome)

27.1.2024 – 5.5.2024

Visual artist Iida Valkonen’s Taivaankansi (sky dome) exhibition at the Nelimarkka Museum is based on both the mythology of the sky dome and various weather phenomena, especially wind and its language of movement.

I raise my hands high, towards the sky, feeling the breeze on my skin. I look at the clouds, they are like moving sculptures, ever changing their shape as they continue their journey across the sky. The sky feels infinite here. For me, as a drawer, it is full of movement and lines. (Alajärvi, 2012.)

Iida Valkonen is interested in different ways of drawing, interpretations and forms of representation. In addition to these, she uses photography, moving image, her own body and kinetic sculptural elements of canvas and line drawing. Valkonen is particularly fascinated by the translation of movement into the form of the work.

Valkonen (b. 1989, Lapinlahti, Finland) graduated from the University of the Arts, Academy of Fine Arts (2016). Her work has been exhibited at the Eemili Art Museum, the Kunts Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa and the Kuopio Art Museum, among others. Valkonen is a member of the Finnish Graphic Artists Association, Helsinki Artists’ Association and Kuopio Artists’ Association Ars Libera.