Integrated Landscapes

Kristian Kaarna

12.10.2019 – 23.2.2020

Integrated Landscapes presents photos by photographer Kristian Kaarna, photographed in the footsteps of artist Eero Nelimarkka. Kaarna’s exhibition aims to stimulate discussion about the beauty of our own area, nature and its observation and consideration in the hurry of everyday life.

“Beauty is found in our everyday environment. Sometimes it’s hard to see the wonderful nature in places that we know too well. Too much familiarity makes the landscape boring, and we don’t pay enough attention to it. This is what I want to communicate like Eero Nelimarkka,” says Kaarna.

Kristian Kaarna sees his landscape photography as one long journey that evolves and changes direction. Like Eero Nelimarkka, he observes nature and his artist personality. Moving from the commercial world to landscape photography, Kaarna has noticed that images do not always have to strive for diversity. The power of the images can be found in sophisticated detailing, collecting and displaying.

Kristian Kaarna has found his own style over the last decade, fueled by painful introspection. The photographer sees the similarities between himself and Eero Nelimarkka as an artist. Poor modesty, coping with life, advancing on one’s own merits, and expanding the world through travel are these junctions of artist paths. Traveling has taught Kaarna to find his Finnishness and to value her own starting points.

Kristian Kaarna’s passion for landscape photography ignited in Argentina. A stress-free time, a break from everyday life, and stunning and strong scenery created a new kind of scenery for the Photographer. At the Integrated Landscapes exhibition, Kaarna is looking for a strong unity of a second-century artist and asks why did the Nelimarkka era begin in the Alajärvi landscape?