Ostrobothnian Artists' Association

12.6.2021 – 22.8.2021

The Process exhibition of the Ostrobothnian Artists’ Association’s provides a comprehensive overview of the latest works of the members of the association, while illuminating the diverse, often cross-cutting processes behind the works.

Exhibitions of the Ostrobothnian Artists’ Association, founded by Eero Nelimarkka in 1945, at the Nelimarkka Museum have a long tradition. Over the years, exhibitions have been organized with different themes and assemblies. For the first time, the summer 2021 exhibition also dives behind the scenes and focuses not only on the finished works but also on the aspect of the artists’ work that is not always visible to the viewer.

The exhibition presents works by 24 member artists of the Ostrobothnian Artists’ Association. Artists from different stages of their careers and a wide range of different techniques of art are on display. The work process is presented in the exhibition alongside the works, for example through music, literature or photographs.

Some of the artists in the exhibition describe their artistic process as subconscious or intuitive. For some, the technical and material steps involved in the process are equally relevant.

Many artists are also interested in process-related themes; the familiar cultural landscape changes, natural nature threatens to disappear or already established energy sources prove problematic.

Making art can also change the artist. The process, which has lasted for years, also leaves its mark on the artist.
The exhibition is curated by visual artist, curator Sanna Sarva.

In addition, the exhibition is also presented as an online exhibition on the Nelimarkka Museum’s website.

The exhibition features artworks by the following artists: Marita Erkkola-Järvinen, Mira Roivainen, Eliisa Määttälä, Owe Åsvik, Tuija Arina-Sundelin, Björn Aho, Mattias Löfqvist, Aamu Tikkanen, Elina Försti, Maria Forsblom, Tiina Laasonen, Mia Damberg, Lars Höglund, Paula Blåfield, Seppo J. Tanninen, Sture Sunabacka, Timo Konttinen, Minna Tuohisto-Kokko, Kaarina Heikinheimo, Janika Herlevi, Leif Strengell, Sven Svanbäck, Marja-Riitta Vuorela and Katri Yli-Erkkilä.