Eero Nelimarkka

– Ostrobothnia Under My Feet

12.1.2020 – 1.10.2022


The Nelimarkka Museum’s permanent exhibition Pohjanmaa jalkain alla (Ostrobothnia Under My Feet) elaborates Eero Nelimarkka’s life, work and journey towards his dream: the Nelimarkka Museum. At the same time, the exhibition tells about the artist’s relationship with his beloved wife Saima based on extracts from correspondence with his wife Saima.

Eero Nelimarkka (1891–1977) was a genuine cosmopolitan who traveled the world and established relationships with people in the art world. However, Ostrobothnia remained close to Nelimarkka’s heart throughout his life. His roots were in Ostrobothnia and he found his wife and the subjects of his paintings there. He wanted to support Ostrobothnian art in every way: even during the war in 1943 he was founding the Ostrobothnian Artists’ Association. He also wanted to build his museum in Ostrobothnia. The dream came true in 1964 when Nelimarkka Museum was first opened.